This is my letter to the world, That never wrote to me, -- The simple news that Nature told, With tender majesty. Her message is committed To hands I cannot see; For love of her, sweet countrymen, Judge tenderly of me! - emily dickinson -

Sunday, January 08, 2006

natal day

cream covered cakes and gift wrapped surprises. next!

oh, you got me...a tie? orange kangaroos on blue polyester... just the thing i needed for my next zoo keeper interview! next!

flowers for the birthday person? would that be aspirin or panadol? you know, so they would last longer. next!

diamonds and pearls? what? how long have you known me?

a trip? where? wouldn't it be 'belated' by the time we return? by air? we're not going on a pilgrimage, are we? oh, okay. by that no-frills cheap seats campy dressed crappy menu yet highly convenient service airline company? cool.

where exactly? that place with the two granny-titties towers? nah ah. too crowded, too expensive.
that place where the erl ends? too crowded, too expensive. and the nasi lemak there costs six ringgits?!! what? they got the santan from golden coconuts?
that place close to the old jailhouse? too crowded, too expensive.
that place next to that third rate tv station? too crowded, too expensive.

ikea? why didn't you say so?!


Blogger Eye of the Storm said...

Hey, I want new entries! I want new entries! :P

10:50 PM

Blogger naxeri said...

my PC at home is acting up again.

4:38 PM


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