This is my letter to the world, That never wrote to me, -- The simple news that Nature told, With tender majesty. Her message is committed To hands I cannot see; For love of her, sweet countrymen, Judge tenderly of me! - emily dickinson -

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


in one of the papers last sunday, a gaggle of grannies were made up to look like a group of aged cross-dressers. and guess who made them up? a bunch of men, obviously, dressed and decked up to look as androgenous as their ghastly clown suits could manage. what a drag!
anyway, a more news worthy incident happened that day in my house. my cat, qop qoon, brought a kitten home. not once. twice!

you see, qop qoon is a three year old tomcat. tomcats mostly do not give kittens much regard. except as a side dish, perhaps. but my qop qoon seemed to have been swept off his paws by this one kitten. he had to bring it home twice in one day.

it was another lazy sunday for me. my wife had just returned from her workout session and i was just getting ready for the day. at first, i only heard the sound of a distressed kitten. oh, dear! oh, dear! oh, dear! i wasn't going to save another dumped kitty now, was i? then, i heard what sounded like it's mother. ah, false alarm, i thought. but as the desperate cries grew louder and converged into my driveway, i began to worry.

it wasn't a kitty with its mother. it was my qop qoon with a little kitty in tow! where in the world did he get that kitty? and how did he get the kitty to follow him home?

at first glance, they looked just like a mother and her lil kitty. qop qoon, with the folds of his plump belly jiggling from side to side as he walked, looked just like a female cat, a queen, that had just given birth. the little kitty, ginger colored with a stubby tail, was an exact replica of qop qoon. could it be that this lil kitty was one of his own? and all this while i thought he only sleeps and eats and sleeps all day and all night.

the lil kitty scurried under the car when it saw me. then it climbed under the hood when i got closer. oh boy. it took a while and a lot of chasing around the car before i finally grabbed a hold of it. man, what a pesky little furball! you know that a kitten has never been handled by callous hands when its fur feels extra soft and fluffy. it just makes you wanna clench your teeth and squeeze. this little kitty was all extra fluffy and soft. but it was quite filthy. it also smelled like an abandoned house. you know, like the smell of the cloth that you use to line drawers, or some old shirt that ended up untouched at the bottom of the pile in your closet? so, this kitty was in an abandoned house somewhere in the neighborhood before it got flushed out by some disturbance (probably by those much peskier little spoiled br...., never mind) and ended up separated from its mother. and my valiant qop qoon was there to the rescue.

it was a female. boy oh boy. from her non-stop meowing since she arrived, i could tell that she was hungry. there was some leftover catfood in the kitchen so i led the kitten to it. the little bundle practically sucked everything in, famished as it was. poor thing. it quieted down after that, thank God.

qoom qoom, my other tomcat, was all snarls and spits when it came to unwelcome visitors. so i had to put the little kitty in a cage to protect her from qoom qoom's nasty attitude. i've had that cage since i picked my first distressed kitty from the roadside in this here state five years ago. and it'd been used since to house a lot many abandoned kittens dumped at my doorstep, under my car, in the dumpster and in the middle of the street right in front of my house at 6 am for God's sake! i'd bought a couple more cages since but i'd given them all away. thought i'd just keep one just in case. it's always handy to keep at least one around. and this was one of those times when you have to have one.

later that day, my wife and i found out from one of the neighbors that the kitty was, in fact, a resident of an abandoned house that was two houses away from our place. yep. somebody with extra money to spend, bought a house and then decided to leave it to the elements so that a secondary forest may take root and dustbunnies may haunt its cracks and corners. it was a wonder that no one had found a wild boar or a python snoozing in the undergrowth. but, apparently, someone else was thinking of clearing away the weeds and cleaning up the place a bit to make room for hanging out the laundry to dry. well, we are still in the midst of the monsoon season and all.
maybe, during all that clearing and cleaning, the mother cat must have been frighten off and the poor little kitty, left all by herself. so, we planned to reunite them.

i didn't think that we should adopt another abandoned kitty. we'd been through it so many times. and it's especially not nice when folks say that we like to keep cats because we do not have kids of our own. isn't that a thoughtless thing to say? or, because we have cats, we can't have kids. well, duhh. (it's because we care, you a******s!!) so, my wife and i resolved to return the kitty back to the abandoned house. we had one of the neighbors' kids to ID the kitty before we return it to the house. and sure enough, the kid had, in fact, seen the kitty with its mother in the abandoned house before. with much relief, we gave the kitty to the kid and asked him to carry it back to the house. we hoped that the mother cat would return.

she didn't.

so, my qop qoon brought it home, again!

we took her in and named her, lee loo.


Blogger Eye of the Storm said...

Another cat? Wah, planning to open a SPCA, KT branch? :)

12:24 AM

Blogger naxeri said...

well, actually, the thought has been around for quite a while now. but i think that i'd only be overwhelmed.

8:15 AM


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