This is my letter to the world, That never wrote to me, -- The simple news that Nature told, With tender majesty. Her message is committed To hands I cannot see; For love of her, sweet countrymen, Judge tenderly of me! - emily dickinson -

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

national day

i was watching the independence day speech on tv last night. the prime minister was lamenting about the state of bullying in schools, kids peeking into porn sites, rising road accidents and merchants raising prices. and he was asking why are all these things happening.

so, why are school kids behaving like creeps?

let's see. look at all the nasties being shown on tv. see all the crap being sold at every pasar malam. page through the prints in all the roadside magazines. listen (if you can tolerate it) to all the noise being marketed as music. behold all the idols being manufactured for the masses.

next, why are people behaving like hogs on the road? well, they say that you are what you eat. so, that explains about half the problem. the other half? i think it's in response to the other half. you think you have a better answer?

lastly, why is the price of cekodok up from a ringgit for three pieces to a ringgit for two pieces only? so that the rich will get richer and the poor will remain dirt poor. otherwise, what will the tv stations do if they cannot play around with people's emotions? what will the campaigners vaunt to vex for more votes?

have a nice independence day.


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