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Friday, July 08, 2005

numbers, 1

i have this fascination with numbers since i started writing the dates on the chalkboard back in primary school. but this, mind you, has nothing to do with math (or anything as bothersome), feng shui or gambling.

in primary school, one of the chores that i liked was to dust off yesterday's dates from the boards and then write the current dates. in those days, each classroom in the lower primary was equipped with two pairs of chalkboards placed side-by-side on the wall facing the students. the two boards in a pair were dangled from the ceiling by steel wires that were run over pulleys. so, when one of the boards was pulled down, the other would move up.

so every morning before class began, i would climb onto the boards and start rubbing off yesterday's dates and whatever that were left behind from the last session. i would start with one of the boards on the bottom. once that was rubbed cleaned, i would push it up the wall to allow it's pair to descend. i would work on that before moving on to the next pair.

when all the boards were clean, i would use a chalk with the help of a difficult-to-handle meter-long wooden ruler, to make underlines on the top corners of each board--on the left corner for the day, and on the right corner for the date. then, i would chalk the day and date in the most legible style my young self could muster. on fine days, the feat would only require a single attempt. but on days when my hands were fidgety... uurghh. usually though, it was not too bad. after all the days and dates were done, i would climb down and stand back to check my handiwork. i dreaded when i would have to climb back up for repairs.

i remember getting excited whenever the numbers for the month had to be changed. i would thought that the numbers for the month would have become so bored by the end of their month-long tenure on the boards that i was making them a big favor by removing them. and those poor numbers for the year!

hey, i was only a kid, ok!

here are a list of fascinating numbers i liked in those years:
standard one: 07-06-76, 06-07-76, 09-08-76.
standard two: 01-01-77, 02-02-77, ..., 07-07-77wow!, ..., 12-12-77.
standard three: 05-06-78, 08-07-78, 07-08-78.
standard four: 07-07-79, 09-07-79, 07-09-79.
standard five: 08-08-80!
standard six: 08-01-81, 01-08-81.


Anonymous It's me said...

You are churning them out like a factory. I am impressed! :)

Me, no idea and have been so busy.

1:27 PM

Blogger naxeri said...

but you have to make time for time.

4:01 PM


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