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Friday, July 15, 2005

ni how?

i can't believe i am still sitting in the office. it's 7:30pm. and it's friday!

i am still waiting for the files transfering from raj's laptop to the the server. i am supposed to take his laptop with me to shanghai tomorrow. he is supposed to use my desktop for the next 3 weeks. so, his files are now being transfered to the server and ipin will transfer them to the desktop on monday.

the transfer had been disrupted three times (so far) since ipin started the process about an hour ago. i already called my wife to inform her that i will be late. she usually cooks dinner on fridays. dinner was already served, she said. of course. so i told her to put the food away as i don't know when i'll be back. i keep checking on the transfer time. now it says another 98 minutes. just now it was 87.

i already told ipin about the disruption. i think i was nasty on the phone because he sounded very apologetic.

this is extremely not nice.

i am so truly madly deeply not excited about going to shanghai tomorrow. twenty days. marzuki's baby will be able to start crawling by then. my orchids will be flowering and i am going to miss the first bloom. my bettas. my, they'll be okay. my wife.
a few people asked whether i'm taking her along. yeah, like i have a money tree in full bloom.
eight o'clock.

ipin came in just now. the transfer was disrupted again for the fourth time. he said that there was a problem with the server. when was it not a problem with the damn thing? he said that he had to transfer the files directly to my computer instead. he did not just realize that, did he?

123 minutes remaining. my eyes are getting more irritated. they have been for quite some time now. my lenses ought to be soaking in their saline baths by now. is this payback for going home on time all these while?

they said there are plenty of muslim restaurants in shanghai. tell me one that serves fried rice the way my wife cooks it.
said that high end imitation watches are aplenty. i do not wear a watch. i have not been wearing one since '89. besides, i don't like having a tan line on my wrist. looks good on an okapi but i am a
there is the pearl tower. heights cause me to hyper-ventilate and that is certainly not a nice feeling.

8:27 pm.

mosquitoes are buzzing around me like nano tie fighters. where do they come from? pesky little creatures!

96 minutes remaining.... . are those paper icons really flying from that icon folder on the left to the other one on the right?

how would they say it in chinese? chan chee b**?

9:01 pm.

hah! got one mosquito! never should have landed on my arm.

68 minutes remaining. but i thought... .

gotcha! and another one bites the dust on my crummy desk.

anyone can tell me some nasty mandarin words?


Blogger Eye of the Storm said...

extremely not nice - you cursing? in mandarin too!

anyways, have a safe and fruitful trip.

do blog from shanghai. definitely will be interesting to see what you have to say from there!

1:56 PM

Blogger Angel Eyes said...

kewl blog here.. but i notice something.. all the topics starts with the letter "N"..

3:54 PM

Blogger Eye of the Storm said...

come on... i am waiting fr your new entries... i miss your writing.

11:14 PM

Blogger naxeri said...

angel eyes: thank you kindly for you comment. "n" has a special place in my ic.

eye of the storm: nice to know that someone misses me other than my credit card company!

10:38 AM


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