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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

nothing new

still haven't figured out what nice things to write even though plenty of nice things have happened. the burst pipe was finally fixed yesterday. that was nice. but the plumber charged double because he had to remove a lot more of the concrete than the last time. that was nasty. then when my wife handed him a fifty, he couldn't provide the change. that was even nastier!

now, is it so difficult to carry around some small change while you're out there working? when doing any sort of business involving the exchange of cash, you have to have change. so what is the customer supposed to do? this is paying for a service, not giving to charity!

i see it happening all the time. one mak cik would go over to the person next door to ask for small change and that person would always have that nasty look in the face when she/he hands over the money. it is so typical of us orang melayu. and we complain about the chinese. what nasty people we are!

but my wife was mostly thankful to the guy for his time and effort. so, she let him keep the change. that was nice.


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